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PICC Thrift Store Information:
Due to the large amount of work we do in the community and with our extra ware-house space God has established our very own Thrift Store.  We have fondly named it the ”PICC-Up Store” and it has become a phenomenal source of income which we use for church operations.
We have everything from furniture, to clothes, tools, fishing gear and almost all house hold items. We give away a lot of things to needy families and individuals whenever needed.
New Thrift Store Hours

Monday —Saturday  9:00 A.M—3:00 P.M.
CLOSED .. Sunday

If you have something reusable that you would like to donate please call the Church Office during thrift store hours 9am-12:00pm, at  239-283-9922.

Thank You and God Bless!


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Pine Island Community Church
5320 Doug Taylor Cir.
St. James City, FL. 33956

Office Ph. 239-283-9944
Thrift Store Ph. 239-283-9922

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